Next-Generation Medicinal Cannabinoid Therapeutics

Cannasouth was New Zealand’s first medicinal cannabis company to list on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX:CBD) in June 2019. We are a vertically integrated biopharmaceutical company dedicated to advanced product development and research. Our goal is to develop next-generation medicinal cannabis products for prescribers and patients in New Zealand and export these pharmaceutical quality products and technologies globally.

We produce  cannabis-based medicines and ingredients using cannabinoid extracts from high-quality, medical-grade cultivars. These medicines are manufactured under GACP and GMP regulations using environmentally friendly methods, ensuring patients are treated with sophisticated medicines made of pure therapeutic compounds of the highest quality.

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Cannasouth Limited released a Medicinal Cannabis Industry Update in June 2021.

This update is designed to share information about the emerging medicinal cannabis industry both in New Zealand and globally; the opportunities and challenges facing industry players, the New Zealand regulatory environment, and the barriers to entry.

The PDF is available to view and download at the following link:
The New Zealand and Global Medicinal Cannabis Industry Update.


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Cannasouth provides clinical data, educational material and media for health care professionals enabling informed patient treatment choices.

Medicinal Cannabis Prescriber Education

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Supporting patient access to high-quality educational material regarding cannabinoid therapeutics is central to meaningful health outcomes.

Medicinal Cannabis for Patients

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Our investors are critical to the success of the company. We acknowledge the special trust they place in us with our commitment to the expansion of Cannasouth.

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