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Medicinal Cannabis Industry Update

Cannasouth Limited has released a Medicinal Cannabis Industry Update.

The update is designed to share information about the emerging medicinal cannabis industry both in New Zealand and globally; the opportunities and challenges facing industry players, the New Zealand regulatory environment, and the barriers to entry.

CEO Mark Lucas says: “There is a lot of confusion and a lack of understanding about what is a highly complex and regulated industry. Releasing this update is an opportunity for Cannasouth to share its knowledge and expertise and provide our investors, stakeholders and the wider public with some clarity around the myths and misconceptions of the industry.”

The update is presented in 8 sections:
1. Introduction
2. Products and Services
3. Product Quality: Pharma Vs non-Pharma
4. Patients: Challenges and Opportunities
5. Geographic Markets
6. Cultivation and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
7. Regulatory Environment in New Zealand
8. Closing Remarks

Cannasouth is preparing a follow-up to this update. This information will focus on how it is working to create genuine advances in the medicinal cannabis industry, insight into Cannasouth’s growth strategy, timelines for implementation, and exploring the competitive advantage that makes it a leader in the New Zealand market.

The comprehensive document is available to view and download here:

Download 2021 Industry Update


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