Pitt Street Research Report

The Board of Cannasouth Limited commissioned an issuer-sponsored, independent analyst report on the Company from Sydney-based Pitt Street Research Pty Ltd.  The report was released on 04 September 2023.

The report is available to view and download at the following link:

Report by Pitt Street Research

To learn more about Pitt Street Research, visit https://www.pittstreetresearch.com/

The views contained within this report are those of a third party, and not Cannasouth. While Cannasouth has provided assistance and information to Pitt Street Research, the valuation, views, conclusions and other opinions are those of the research analyst. Cannasouth does not necessarily adopt, endorse or assume any responsibility for the work of Pitt Street Research, and the report should not be construed as Cannasouth earnings guidance or any recommendation or opinion, of any kind from Cannasouth whatsoever. The report is for information purposes, and does not take into account the particular financial situation, objectives, goals or risk appetite of any reader and does not constitute personalised financial, legal, taxation or any other kind of advice. There is no guarantee that the results, including the company’s future financial performance, contained in the report will be achieved.

Cannasouth released this Shareholder Update covering progress since the merger with Eqalis, effective 1 June 2023.

Cannasouth Limited released a Medicinal Cannabis Industry Update in June 2021.

This update is designed to share information about the emerging medicinal cannabis industry both in New Zealand and globally; the opportunities and challenges facing industry players, the New Zealand regulatory environment, and the barriers to entry.

The PDF is available to view and download at the following link:
The New Zealand and Global Medicinal Cannabis Industry Update.

To view our Annual and Mid Year Financial Reports, please visit the Financial Information page.