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Callaghan Innovation Approves Grant for Study with Cannasouth 

Cannasouth has recently been approved for a new Fellowship Grant from Callaghan Innovation to support a Masters research study in conjunction with the University of Waikato to create a library of cannabis-derived biomolecules.

The cannabis plant contains several hundred known molecules and likely many more unique and as yet unidentified compounds of interest.  This library of biomolecules can be used in computational molecular docking studies allowing Cannasouth to investigate potential pharmacological activity of selected molecules prior to undertaking complex chemical extraction and isolation processes of these minor compounds.  This approach aids fast-track assessment of new compounds in terms of safety and efficacy leading to the potential for new medicines and Intellectual Property.

Chief Science Officer David Gill says, “it is important to build strong, focussed, scientific collaborations with our leading academic institutes and these grants enable Cannasouth to undertake cutting edge research into next generation cannabis related therapeutics in parallel with our goal of delivering products to the patients who need them now.”

Cannasouth is also conducting a neuropathic pain / drug delivery PhD project with support from Callaghan Innovation.  In addition, Cannasouth recently completed a Masters research study focusing on Tissue Culture research providing Cannasouth with new knowledge related to micropropagation techniques to support commercial growing activities. The Masters student has since been employed in a new R&D role supported by a Callaghan Innovation Careers Grant.

CEO Mark Lucas says, “Cannasouth actively works with government agencies such as Callaghan Innovation to support research and development opportunities both in-house and with our research partners.  We are pleased to be part of developing future generation scientists of New Zealand and offer them a career pathway in the emerging medicinal cannabis industry.

“It is rewarding to know that Callaghan is funding these research activities to create opportunities to discover unique IP and help advance this emerging industry sector in New Zealand.”

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