Investing in Cannasouth

With the strong support from public shareholders, Cannasouth Limited successfully completed an Initial Public Offer (IPO) and listed on the New Zealand Main Board (NZX) on 19 June 2019 with the ticker code CBD.  The IPO was oversubscribed, and the Company raised the full amount of $10 million from the public.

For investors interested in purchasing Cannasouth (CBD) shares, click here for a full list of NZX participants who are accredited by NZX to advise on NZX markets.

Shareholder Roadshow

Cannasouth has successfully completed its inaugural Shareholder Roadshow, with CEO Mark Lucas and team presenting in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and Hamilton between 15th and 17th October 2019.

The final presentation in Hamilton on Thursday 17th October was recorded and has been made available to CBD shareholders on Cannasouth’s YouTube page and on the Media Centre page.

Click here to view.