Cannasouth Cultivation

In 2019 Cannasouth Cultivation Limited (CCL) was established.

CCL is an exciting development in the evolution of Cannasouth and represents another strategic milestone as Cannasouth positions itself as a leader in the emerging medicinal cannabis industry in New Zealand.

CCL is designed to give Cannasouth a consistent, high-quality supply of New Zealand-grown medicinal cannabis.


CCL established our operations in the Waikato region, New Zealand’s agricultural heartland. It is on this 45 hectare site that we have designed and built two sealed hybrid greenhouses and a GMP processing facility.

Utilising the power of the sun, these state-of-the-art Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) sealed greenhouses will significantly reduce the overall carbon footprint of our GMP/GACP compliant cannabis, as well as a significant reduction in energy costs of production. This is consistent with our desire to incorporate environmentally sustainable cultivation methods. This CEA approach represents the next generation of pharmaceutical cannabis cultivation and is the result of a worldwide search for a cutting edge approach for our operations to ensure Cannasouth is highly competitive in the global market

The vast, gently rolling and north-facing paddocks lend themself as a perfect setting for further expansion of the greenhouses. A phased expansion strategy will allow up to 8 identical greenhouses to be constructed. This phased expansion strategy will ensure capital is only deployed when market demand exists for the end product. This flexibility enables Cannasouth to adapt and remain responsive to market pressures ensuring end products remain competitively priced, ultimately reducing the cost to patients.

The highly productive and fertile soil at the rural Waikato site enables Cannasouth to explore multiple cultivation strategies depending on the end product and export requirements of the customer, including the opportunity for CCL to investigate broad-acre cultivation techniques, and therefore, maximising the usable land area. This also allows Cannasouth to leverage New Zealand’s reputation for high-quality horticultural produce.

Cannasouth are currently working towards GMP certification for this site, and have designed this resource with a world-class production facility to process the medicinal cannabis once grown and harvested. Special care has been taken with the research and design of the processing head house to ensure stringent GMP regulations are met. The site is also working towards being GACP certified, which will give patients and customers confidence that the medicinal cannabis is collected and handled correctly to the highest quality standards. In Jan 2021 Cannasouth Cultivation Limited were issued with their license from the Medical Cannabis Agency for Commercial Cannabis Cultivation.

Cannasouth has access to a wide range of high-quality cannabis cultivars and can produce Premium-Plus cannabis flower with a range of cannabinoid and terpene profiles depending on patient and export customer demand.