Cannasouth Cultivation

The establishment of Cannasouth Cultivation is an exciting development in the evolution of Cannasouth and represents another strategic milestone as Cannasouth positions itself as a leader in the emerging medicinal cannabis industry in New Zealand.

Our 50/50 partnership in this joint venture with Aaron Craig and family interests, is designed to give Cannasouth a consistent, high-quality supply of New Zealand provenance medicinal cannabis.

Preparation of the construction site in the Waikato heartland is currently underway, further expansion at the 100-acre plus rural site allows Cannasouth to explore multiple cultivation strategies depending on the end product and export requirements. This also allows Cannasouth to leverage New Zealand’s reputation for high-quality horticultural produce.

A phased expansion strategy will ensure capital is only deployed when market demand exists for the end product. This flexibility enables Cannasouth to adapt and remain responsive to market pressures ensuring end products remain competitively priced, ultimately reducing the cost to patients.

This rural Waikato site will allow Cannasouth Cultivation to investigate broad-acre cultivation techniques, maximising the usable land area.

We will also be utilising the power of the sun through the hybrid greenhouse option, which significantly reduces the overall energy costs of production and is consistent with our desire to utilise environmentally sustainable cultivation methods.

Planting native trees around the perimeter of the property will allow us to partially offset our carbon footprint.

These initiatives are important to us, and are just the first step as we aim to become a leader in sustainable horticultural processes.