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Cannasouth’s Social Media Community Guidelines 

Cannasouth enjoys interacting with our social media audience and engaging in thoughtful discussion.

At Cannasouth we encourage an inclusive, informed and engaged online community. We feel fortunate to be involved in the medicinal cannabis industry in New Zealand and know that we have a passionate audience who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with a vast range of different views and life experiences. We also understand that due to the history of prohibition surrounding medicinal cannabis, many patients and caregivers are frustrated with the history of or continued lack of access to medicinal cannabis products.

Cannasouth operates in a highly regulated sector and is a publicly listed company. We also produce products that are in most jurisdictions, including New Zealand, controlled drugs, or prescription medicines.  As such we cannot discuss products specifically or certain company-specific information that may be deemed commercially sensitive. There may be questions that we will not answer in a public forum for these reasons.

To ensure we provide a safe place for both our employees and social media audience to engage we have community guidelines that we reserve the right to enforce.

Our social media moderators may delete or hide posts or block users that do not follow these guidelines:

  • Be respectful. Please use common courtesy and do not make comments that contain offensive, profane, defamatory, racist, homophobic, threatening language or which are otherwise inappropriate in a public forum. These comments will be removed in accordance with the Harmful Digital Communications Act.
  • History of abusive or threatening behaviour. If we believe a user or alias of a user has a history of online abuse or threatening behaviour, we may either hide or delete their comment and or block that user account to protect our employees and other users of our social media accounts.
  • Do not spam us or troll us. Making the same point over and over either on the same or different posts is considered spamming or trolling. If this happens, we may leave your first comment but hide or delete the duplicates. Repeated instances will result in a user being blocked.
  • Stay on topic. Only make comments that are relevant to the topic or theme of the post. If you disagree with our view on something and decide to make that point every time we post, your comments will be considered spam/trolling.
  • Commercially motivated. If we believe a comment is commercially motived either to promote another company or product and or deliberately discredit Cannasouth or another company, we may delete or hide that comment. Repeated instances will result in a user being blocked.
  • Creating a conversation. We often share links to third-party websites to encourage thoughts and discussions. This does not mean we endorse the views expressed on the third-party website. We also don’t necessarily endorse the views expressed by others on our social media channels.
  • Give credit where credit is due. When you share an interesting image or video from our page/s, please take the time to tag us or include the handle responsible for the original post.
  • Protect your own and others’ privacy. Never post comments containing personal, identifying, or confidential information such as account details or other personal information including address, telephone number, email, passwords, etc.
  • Do not post advertisements or solicitations on our comments section. Do not use fake accounts or ‘bots’ to troll our pages. Do not tag us in profane and offensive posts or tweets. Such tags will be removed. Repeated instances will result in a user being blocked.
  • We are a publicly listed company. This means we must comply with our Market Disclosure Policy which can be found here:
    Spreading information, which is not released to the market, whether true, false or otherwise can lead to serious charges and criminal convictions. Comments or posts which are made that put us in breach of this policy will be deleted immediately and may be reported to the relevant authorities.To allow our online moderators to have some rest, we may limit the hours that comments can be posted or made visible on our social media platforms.

    Thank you for adhering to these guidelines.

    If you have any queries or comments or wish to discuss anything directly with us, please email or send us a direct message on our social media platform.

    These guidelines may be updated from time to time.

    Last updated 17/11/2021

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